Aromas to evoke memory, inspire spirit, and excite the mind ©

-Zorayda Ortiz

My obsession with oils began with a tumble I took on a skateboard as a young girl. I remember my mother purchasing apricot oil to heal my scars, and I was amazed at how well it worked. I saw my scar disappear. Living in Chicago, I always admired specific scents that evoked memory. For me, currently, the scent of designer perfume Pleasures by Este Lauder, brings back memories from my teenage youth of being carefree and loving the aroma of fresh cut flowers. I recall when my mother gifted me Jadore and how much I was absolutely captivated by the scent. My mother has been such an inspiration for me to continue my higher education on into a degree in Biological Sciences. She constantly spoke to my sisters and I about how important an education was in order to progress in life.

In my own progress of healing and journey work, I am highly skilled at using aromatherapy as a powerful holistic healing tool. As a master perfumer of over 10 years, my sensitivity shows in my experience of working with and identifying the scents of many concentrated oils.  Performing aromatherapy consultations affords me the ability to mix and match various aromas into interesting blends that inspire the spirit. My path of self-healing, meditation, and chanting has taken me to new levels of my essential oil aromatherapy creations. I have created chakra balancing blends by infusing organic herbs direct from my garden straight into my healing oils.

With my laboratory technology background and my love of reading, I work to excite the minds of many with my unique and custom blends. With a powerful nose and knack for picking up scents I have the ability to reverse formulate any smell. I have been known for creativity and cutting edge style as I design new scents inspired by inanimate objects or comfort foods. I have been in recent media for my original creations of Tamal ™, Tamal Fresa™, Café Azteca™, Lechon Asao™, Quenepa™, Coquito™, Catrina for Men™, Calavera Chocolate™, and Calavera de Azucar™. I have also designed a number of unique and delicious coffee inspired scents: Vanilla Latte™, Mocha Latte™, Café con Leche™  and Café Azteca™.

My desire to work with oils as a full time career began as I was mixing and blending essential oils for Christmas gifts  10 years ago. Many people in my life compliment my creative spirit, and my ceaseless quest for knowledge shows within each and every creation. Many people have asked how I define myself. I simply reply, “I am an artist of the olfactory senses.” My passion for perfumery shows in each and every bottle of my art creations. It makes me happy to see my custom blend customers 100% satisfied and surprised that I can make beautiful oil based perfumes from such tiny obscure information the clients give such as, “I like the smell of paper.”  Some have even asked me to create scents while only describing emotions, memories, or special events in their lives. To be able to deliver quality products leaves me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. As a proven, time tested, perfumer, I have developed the deep seated knowledge to be able to deliver outstanding unique aromas, even in the most vague and out of the ordinary challenges.

Whether you are a loyal customer or a new admirer of AJNA OILS, we aim to please with our scents designed to suit your pleasure. Essential oil singles, aromatherapy blends, custom blends, and fascinating unique scents all combine to evoke memory, inspire spirit, and excite the minds of many.