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Articles On Ajna Oils By Zorayda Ortiz

(all articles pertain to the perfumery and essential oil blending of Zorayda Ortiz)

(This is part 01 of our news installation there are many many more article and blogs to gather and post)

Ajna Oils: Scents of 18th Street in Pilsen -- like tamales
Monday, January 07, 2013
ABC7 News Chicago nighborhood news
Jan 4, 2013

Chicago Racked
Somebody is Making a Tamale Perfume in Pilsen

The Latino Business Explosion in Pilsen
Pilsen Portal
Robert Valadez
Published: January 15, 2013

Tamale Perfume: Chicago Woman Wants To Make You Smell All Corny
The Huffington Post
January 04th, 2013

Pilsen perfumer to release new scent showcasing one of Chicago’s most iconic immigrant comfort foods
January 08th, 2013


Zorayda's Tamal (tm) and Tamal Fresa Fragrances made no. 2 on the list of this article "fun food scented perfumes

Puerto Rican scientist creates tamale perfume to capture Latin culture

Perfume Company to Sell Tamale Scent

Tamale-scented perfume set to debut soon
Tales From The Abyss

Pilsen perfumer to release scent called `Tamale`
Fox32 News

Tamale Perfume? Pilsen Woman Is Making It Happen

Want to Smell Like a Tamal? There’s a Perfume for That
Latino Rebels

Perfume Company to Sell Tamale Scent